About the NECC'18

After successful establishment of the company associated with IIT ROORKEE, we are presenting you the National E-Cycle Championship for 2018.We are committed to provide biggest interdisciplinary platform to all engineering students (Undergraduate) to showcase their talent in the field of automobiles particularly in two wheeler electric Cycle. This is the biggest platform to cater expertise in the domain of Electronics along with Mechanical domain knowledge. Get ready to design a E-Cycle which will conquer not only the roads, but will kill the tracks that don’t even exist. Be ready to develop a E-Cycle that will be tested by the panel of Experts (from IIT R). Subsequently vehicles designed and manufactured by students will undergo various static and dynamic tests during the event. It’s time to say bye to the monotonous and boring dynamic round and get ready for an Adventure Round with E-Cycles, which will be full on new, exciting and thrilling tests full of adrenaline rush. The stacks have just gone higher, with more prize money and better internship opportunities for everyone. Participants will be given Free workshops on vehicle dynamics, design methodology for various sub-systems off cycles and complete design and fabrication tutorial for electrical transmission system.

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E-Cycle Design

Want to get a chance to design your own E Cycle? Participate in NECC to grab a chance and get guidance of a panel of experts from Zunik Energies.

E-Cycle Racing

Do you wish to have an adventurous ride in the real track? Can you win a race in reality world coming out of virtual video games? Come here and join in NECC to fulfill your dream. Prove the world how good racer you are!

EV Power Converter

Are you Interested in power electronics? Participate and get a chance to have sponsors and guidance for your projects on EV Power converters.

EV Chargers

We are providing you a platform to work and enhance your innovative ideas in developing EV chargers. Come and participate in NECC, we sponsor for your innovations.

EV Controllers & IOT

Technology is changing day by day; you must work on Technology to enhance your opportunities in this competitive world. Here, with NECC’18-19, we are providing an opportunity to work with latest and advanced technology.


Did you invent/innovate something new? Do you need someone to sponsor or help you in processes? Join NECC’18-19, we conduct workshops on patents, get you patents and sponsors.


A great opportunity for those who are looking forward to increase their job opportunities in Event Management. Come and join our NECC team and make your CV’s roar in the job interviews.

Award Ceremony

NECC’18-19 is a national standard event which gives you awards in different streams. You work for NECC or participate in it, and get a wide range of awards in your bag by the end of event.

Central Team of NECC'18


Achyuth PL


Associate Co-Ordinator


B.Tech (P)-IITR

Associate Co-Ordinator


B.Tech (P)-IITR

Event Affairs Co-Ordinator


B.Tech (P)-IITR

Event Affairs Co-Ordinator


B.Tech (P)-IITR

Information Zone of NECC'18



Some of the companies that Sponsored NECC'18-19


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