Innovative Solutions

On-Grid Inverters

Zunik Energies is currently working to improve the properties of ON-GRID Inverters.

Off-Grid Inverters

Zunik Energies is providing single unit inverters for the range of 1kW to 100kW.


Zunik Energies is constantly working on UPS to better the technology.

Variable Frequency Drives

Consistently projects are being called on “Variable Frequency Drives”.

WP Systems

Water Pumping Systems

Zunik Energies is working to improve the technology of  “Water Pumping Systems” .


Electrical Vehicles

Zunik Energies supports GREEN ENERGY & hence working to provide E-Vehicles at economic costs.


Public reviews on Zunik Energies

No-one can beat the professionalism of the Zunik Energies’s crew. My advice to everyone is to install solar with Zunik products as soon as you can.
Venkata Rao
Sri Laxmi Dairy (Partner)
Zunik Energies staff, services both technically & managemental wise along with their professionalism are above and beyond fantastic and I really love them.
Rao's Gowtham E.M School (Principal)
Regarding my experience with ZUNIK I would say that it is the best which provides practical hardware knowledge for aspiring researchers... with best infrastructure , working ambiance and above all competence and friendly demeanor of the Zunik team ....To summarize, I would say "you will never be the same again once you enter Zunik ...It is is indeed UNIQUE..!!"
Ravi Kumar KS
Associate Professor (MVGR College of Engineering)
It is my pleasure to say that I had worked in Zunik for almost a year. Zunik is a great platform to learn softwares like matlab, dsp, xilink and implementation of hardwares like Multilevel Inverter, Z Source Inverter etc. One can get the best technical support and selfless help in Zunik especially by Dogga Sir. It is a ocean of ideas where one can get exposure to every kind of technical advice under one roof.
Prasanth Sharma
MTech Student (EED, IITR)
I will say about Zunik in the form of short quotation. "Zunik Energies is the raising ray to shine SMART India."
Madhu Babu Sambhani
Research Scholar, NIT Warangal
Being a distributor of Solar Products, we are eagerly waiting for the launch Zunik Products in Global Market.
Student Intern (Zunik Energies)